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Welcome to Rantoul, IL.  The new home of the World Free Fall Convention. Bodyflight Network was privileged to have enthusiasts and competitors alike, show up and suit up for the first X-treme Air Wind Tunneling Championship.  There are more pictures to come, but for now, I would like to show you a sample of our flying friends giving all they could in efforts to further promote and to thoroughly enjoy this sport!

8 Competitors and two days!  What a great time.  Here is a sampling of what the audience got to see!

Click Here to see the WFFC pictures we accumulated during our 10 day stay!

See John Suiter's Winning WFFC Flight!
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The Audience

Austin Busha - FlyAway TN

Click Here for Austin's Gallery

Keith Kimbrough - FlyAway TN

The Winner of the Wind Tunnel Championship for 2002

John Suiter CEO Bodyflight University

Click Here for John Suiter's Gallery

Wes Evens - FlyAway TN

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Robbie Roberts - X-treme Air

The Audience

Ray Kubiak - FlyAway NV

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Tara Adams - FlyAway NV

Click Here for Keith's Gallery

Joao Tambor - SkyVenture FL

Click Here for Robbie's Gallery

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