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WFFC ADREN-L-N Vertical Wind Tunnel Limited Edition Long Sleeve T

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Rantoul, Home of the World Free Fall Convention!

ADREN-L-N WFFC 04 Long Sleeve T


We had a wonderful time again this year at the WFFC. Bodyflight Network and the Skydive Sussex crew teamed up again to create the most amazing Tent City Compound.  This year we bought couches from the Couch Freaks which made for some very comfortable video nights, and also provided for a few 'lost' or 'tentless' Rantouligans!!  We had so many guests this year, I couldn't possibly remember all of your names, next year we'll have to have a sign up sheet! Next year, my job is to bring a manifest board, so that compound members can be easily accounted for throughout the day!

Special Thanks Go Out To:

Hunter, Nick & Joe for bringing the tunnel all the way from Texas just so some Rantouligans could play! 
Greg & Jamie for making the too long trek in the future "SkyHome" (and the home made Jello)
Dave for refreshing our manners  (LEFT!!!)
Tim for hooking up the power and for reminding us throughout the day of our duties ;)
Hippie Bill for riding all the way down here with Dave & Timmy to see us... <grin>
Tami & Scotty Carbone for feading & caring for us Tunnelrats & crew.. (Ashely & Ben too!)


Don Kirlin & Bernice Eickelshulte for welcoming us for another year
Air Boss Dean for being a long time friend and for all the hard work you did this year & every year!!!
Lisa, for being a wonderful couch guest!
The Lawn Darts & Mass Holes for being such wonderful & friendly neighbors.
To Mr. N. Natzi for putting up with the kid(s) from the 'Dog Pound'
Ted, the "Agent" for the special viewing of Spiderman 2
Anthony for coming all the way from Arizona to sleep in the Bed Box!
And Teddy for coming out to room in the Bed Box after Anthony left!
Tammy and Leah for holding down the massage tent while Timmy took his breaks!
Officer Kevin of the Rantoul P.D. for calling out favors & spending time helping us out at the Wind Tunnel!
Raz & April, April made her 600th Jump at the WFFC!!!
the "Fed Ex" guy for bringing reinforcements!
Sunshine for packing the rigs of our friends
Dana for looking after Brittain (most of the time)
Paxton for taking time off from Freedom of Flight and coming up from Florida
The 'Dog Pound' for getting together and making the trip up, it would not have been the same without you all!
Brian Germain for stopping by, watching videos and opening up future friendships...
Joao for bringing the "strawberry" flavors over and for the great videos too!
Norman Kent for all that you continue to do for us personally, and for the job offer too!
Chuck Priest for bringing the good vibes from Hawaii & relaxing with us often! Be At Peace!
EG for fixing my zipper!!!
J.C. for being you, and for that thing you did that one time.. I love you for it! thanks

For the great many of you who stopped by, and who's name I don't quite remember, Thank You for joining us and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

If you have to miss the convention next year be sure to logon and watch the webcam at