FreeZoneMoscow 12ft
150 mph max
Flight Area: Lexan glass enclosed wall-to-wall air column
Tunnel Entry/Exit: 2 exits; typical SkyVenture staging area
Flight Restrictions: Ages 5 and over; 250lbs per flyer maximum. People with previous injuries such as joint dislocations should not fly, for example: shoulder, wrist or knee injuries. Have questions? Call for more information
Location: 59 km of Simpheropolskoye highway M2 , district Chehovsky, Moscow region, Russia

Operating Hours: 08am-02am
Telephone: +7 916 73 999 47 Call or SMS us for Tunnel Time Booking

Tunnel Specifications
Type: Multiple Fans
Orientation: Indoor
Airspeed Range MPH: up to 200mph
Air Volume CFM:
Flight Area: 12ft
Horsepower: ~1050

Flight Information
Peak: 15/30/60 minutes: 6200/11500/19500 RUR
Off Peak: 15/30/60 minutes: 5400/10000/16500 RUR

Flight Restrictions -

Historical Facts
Opening Date/Year: 2006
Manufactured by: SkyVenture
Name Changes:

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