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Vertical Wind Tunnel Designs & Bodyflight™ Concepts

Purchasing a Portable Vertical Wind Tunnel

Manufactured by Roger Hadley Now Jus'Fly again, with design assistance from John Suiter

Our current unit is powered by a 1200 HP Cummins Diesel Engine. The propeller is a four blade carbon-fiber unit exclusively designed to optimize performance in the Superfly tunnels. The control console is on the upper deck of the trailer, allowing the operator an unobstructed view of the flight area. The polycarbonate & aluminum tunnel measures 10 ft diameter by 12 ft tall.

This is a high performance unit ideal for trailering from location to location. We feature a one hour set-up & stow-away time, allowing rapid deployment with minimal labor. The trailer itself is a heavy-duty steel framework for providing solid support & reliable service, yet can be towed with a gooseneck equipped one ton truck & requires no CDL within the United States. Overall transport measurements are 35' x 8' x 12'2" tall.

Consider your initial investment against the potential rate of return using current VWT industry averages of $10.00+ per minute for individual flights or an average rental income of $5,000.00+ per day.

The Upper deck comes complete with a staging area and bench seating.   Side railings are in place for safety and hand rails for the staircase are also standard. A safety fence, keeps people away from the propeller area and large debris out.

This wind tunnel can be utilized in a Drop Zone environment, for publich & private events, advertising venues as well as a tourism environment. The flight area provides enough room for a 2way RW team to practice their freefall maneuvers. Additionally, the fast and consistent airspeed produced by this machine makes it possible to perform complicated freestyle and freefly maneuvers creating the suitable playground for skydivers.  This standard unit is a good looking unit and is painted in coordinating Dark Purple with Black & Silver accents.   Naturally you can choose the color scheme on your own custom unit.

The Polycarbonate enclosure tube comes together in sections and is easily bolted together.  Proper setup time on this machine for an experienced crew is estimated at 1-2 hours. All Superfly units are designed to stay within US Highway regulations for weight and size and are easily pulled by a Full or Oversized Truck with no need for a Semi or CDL.

Just out of the shop for the first test flight!

 Features Highlights:

  • Cummins Diesel Engine 1200 hp
  • Custom Gearbox
  • Custom Carbon Fiber 4 Blade propeller
  • 135+ mph Airspeed
  • 10 ft. Diameter (Flight Area)
  • Polycarbonate Enclosed Tube 12 ft Tall
  • Staircase Access to Upper Deck
  • Fully Enclosed Engine Area
  • Steel Cable Net Structure on the bottom and top
  • No CDL Required
  • Easy Setup/Tear Down


Deposits are being accepted for VWTs. 

If you are interested in purchasing a Superfly Portable Vertical Wind Tunnel Contact Us.

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