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SkyVenture New Hampshire

9-28-05 - The hole has been dug and progress is being made fairly quickly. The foundation crew is arriving this week to begin laying the foundation!

10-03-05 - Here is a picture of the truck as it pulls in for our first pour. We are about half way done with the footings and will pour again on Wednesday. The foundation crew will start forming up the walls on 10/4.

10-18-05 - We now have those wall forms off and they have just poured the last of our footing today. They will be forming up the rest of walls this week and will pour cement again on Friday (10/21).  While our steel is rolling north next week they will be prepping our site for the lobby and getting ready to pave.

10-23-05 - Our foundation walls for the equipment are complete! Now we have a very large swimming pool! 92 feet long x 32 feet wide x 16 feet deep. They will start waterproofing foundation next and then back filling. The next step after that will be to pour the 12" foundation floor.

12-07-05 - We finished pouring the last wall section for the lobby so our foundations in now complete. They have back filled around the foundation and are finishing up on the back side where our electrical piping is. We are planning on paving next week. We should be going vertical very soon.

12/13/05: We are now finally paved! Mother nature tried to stop us by dumping just a foot of snow on us. Saturday we had that cleaned up and Monday put down the final layer of pack to pave. Today we are now paved with our rough coat. The rough coat will allow us to open in the spring without delays. We are now prepping for the final inside slabs to be poured for the foundation. We are intergrating some cool pool lights into the foundation to shine through the turning banks. The steel crew will start working on sorting all of our steel next week and then we GO VERTICAL!!!

01-02-06 - The holidays have caused some delays.  The steel crew is arriving Tuesday and we should be going vertical next week (Jan. 3-6th, 2006 ). I will post a picture as soon as I have it. We have picked our building colors and they are metalic silver and bright blue. I think that the building will really stand out. I decided to paint the inlet contractor a bright blue also. The massage chair has been ordered for the tunnel for those tired tunnel fliers! We are still working on the web site and will be adding more updates soon.

01-23-06 - Well we are at the 47 foot level which is the bottom of the equipment deck. They will continue to add the smaller pieces of steel along with the decking for the floors. The next step is the steel for the small addition on the back side. Once that is complete the flight chamber will be put in place along with the turning banks. Then comes the massive motors and fiberglass parts. We have picked our siding color and it will be metallic silver with blue trim. I think that it is going to look sharp!

02-21-06 - 4 fans, a flight chamber, and louvers all in place or going there! Construction is moving along very rapidly regardless of the cold New England weather!

04-16-06 - All the structural steel is in place (the front part is where the lobby will be); the airflow parts are enclosed, the interior of the towers sided, and I believe all the floor pans have been laid
-Update courtesy of Stacey Geesey

01-13-06 - Well along with the snow flying so was our steel. The steel crew has now worked for two days and we are at 28 feet tall with 34 feet to go. The total height will be 62 feet tall. The foundation in the basement was also poured this week along with our recessed pool lights that will light up the turning banks.

02-07-06 - We have four very nice looking 300 hp each motors on the top of our structure. Today the rigging crew is working on placing the flight chamber and should be done with that by tomorrow. Then they will start working on placing all of the turning banks and fiberglass. The rigging crew should be done with all of our air flow parts within two weeks. Once they are done with that we will start closing the building in and build the lobby section. Things seem to be coming together nicely and we hope to open April / May 2006! (photo taken 2-6-06)

Doors, turning banks, flight chamber and more! Construction is moving along very rapidly regardless of the cold New England weather! On schedule for late spring opening.

5-17-06 - The back side of the building is now closed in. They are now enclosing the diffuser. The front section that is open will be a large glass curtain wall. They took the lift out of the basement last Wednesday and they poured our lobby floor Friday. Now all of the floors have been poured. We will be placing our turning banks on the bottom on Monday and the inlet contractor on Wednesday. Then all of our airflow will be complete!