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Vertical Wind Tunnel Designs & Bodyflight™ Concepts

Purchasing the L1 Stationary Vertical Wind Tunnel

Royalties vs Outright Purchase

L1 is not a franchise, this is perhaps the most notable difference with the purchase of an L1. Instead of requiring follow up payments fore years cutting into your share of the profit, you purchase our technology outright in the form of a Site License. In return we will assign a geographical region to your project, this in turn will allow you to be consulted in the event that others may want to use our technology in your region. To that effect, you may then decide to pay an additional charge to secure your Exclusive Rights to your area, or permit the building of another facility in your area.

What you get when you purchase an L-1:

  • A Site License granting you permission to reproduce the technology & operate it
  • Access to fully tested and working building ready blueprints for the entire project including parts that can be independently produced.
  • Personal Support from our lead Engineer
  • Flyer and operator training tapes
  • Promotional materials
  • First priority over your assigned geographical region

L-1 is available in a variety of configurations depending on your needs.

  • Diameter- Available diameters range from 1 to 16 feet
  • Airspeed- Speeds greater than 135 m.p.h. are attainable
  • Power Source- A variety of power sources can be used in lieu of the the Electric Motor used with the working prototype tunnel, including diesel engines or surplus equipment.
  • Construction- L-1 can be produced from wood, fiberglass or steel if preferred, however additional engineering will be required to outfit the installation in this way.  The current prototype utilizes steel, concrete & fiberglass in it's construction.
  • Maintenance- L-1 wind tunnels are considered virtually maintenance free, built for running 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. During construction of the prototype, forms and tooling were produced to make the fiberglass parts.  Detailed plans were prepared for every part assuring accurate, stable reproduction. 
  • Options/Features- There were several options built into the design that you may utilize on your project. Built in lighting, theatrical lighting, audio systems, access doors, spectator seating, and video systems for example.
  • Indoor or Outdoor- Our prototype is configured as an outdoor unit with an open jet, your L-1 can be configured as an indoor VWT exhausting it's air through a hole in the roof.  Additionally, the jet can be enclosed in a transparent tube of Lexan or comparable materials.

L1 Cost Analysis

Because L1 is not a franchise, VWTC requires only a 1 time payment at the time of Purchase Agreement.


paid directly to VWTC at time of agreement

$1.5 -

paid directly to your own contractors, engineers & crew throughout construction

Site License - grants you permission to build & operate a VWTC L1. You are provided access to all necessary blueprints & technical papers required to construct the tunnel.  Our Lead Engineer will oversee and assist with the construction of your facility and is available to you to make the necessary modifications that will make your facility a unique part of your corporate identity.

Construction & Labor - these amounts are paid to your own crew of contractors. This is an ideal way for you to control costs & truly create a unique facility catered to your own needs. It is estimated at this time that duplication of our current prototype in a similar location, would cost approximately $2 million dollars; there are more than a variety of ways where you can save money or even accumulate more costs through modifications made to the original unit. Additionally it is vital to note that materials such as steel & concrete vary in price frequently reflecting the condition of the economy and/or the geographic location of the construction project.

L1 Spec Sheet - Click here for Technical Statistics; Sound Readings, Airspeed Measurements, Efficiency Profiles

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