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Vertical Wind Tunnel Designs & Bodyflight™ Concepts

Company Overview

Personal Service from an experienced Professional ~ John Suiter

John Suiter has been fortunate to been involved directly with several facilities across the globe since 1982. He continues to actively participate in the operations of several
facilities worldwide.

John Suiter began his flight career in 1982 with the construction of the first American Indoor Vertical Wind Tunnel; Flyaway Indoor Skydiving in Pigeon Forge, TN. He still works with this facility on a limited basis, to this day!  His experience reaches across nearly every continent and has taught millions of people to fly in his 20+ years.  After operating a portable unit for several years on his own, his expertise in the industry have become the most sought after.  There is no one else on the globe with the knowledge that is contained in those decades of practice, and his goal is to keep people flying by assisting owners, and future owners of wind tunnels with the knowledge they need to do it safely and cost effectively.

John is an active skydiver with over 600 jumps; camera, AFF assist, freefly. He has worked with people from all walks of life and has had students from 18 months to 90+ years. He is a "Pioneer" in the industry, stylizing most of the maneuvers skydivers are performing today, and remains an active participant throughout the flight industry.

John spent several years as a National Ski Patroller and mentored with Professor Raymond Bright on the concepts of Bio Flight.  This combined with practical knowledge of Aerodynamics and Electronics contributes to John's amazing grasp of all facets of this growing industry.

Wind Tunnel Experiences

  • Aerodium Montreal Canada- 1984(approx.) Evaluated through participation prior to disassembly.
  • Aerodium Zurich, Switzerland-1991-1992 Trained the essential staff in daily operating procedures, including Flight Instruction in Classroom and in the Tunnel, Control/Operation of the unit, Equipment requirements and usage.
  • Aerodium (HI, NJ, OK, Puerto Rico)--Developed Flying Stunt Shows "The Flying Aerobats"
  • American Dream Flying Machine- Assisted manufacturers with development and testing. Traveled to an Air Show for demonstration.
  • Dyna Soar (Traveling Circuit)- 1994-1997 Traveled to 18 locations in 3 years. In charge of all day-to-day operations including staffing, maintenance, instruction, controlling, financial obligations and legal travel requirements.  Maintained and operated this Bodyflight Facility while open to the general public.
  • Fly Away Indoor Skydiving Pigeon Forge, TN-1982-1993 Assisted with facility construction. Implemented operating procedures and developed Bodyflight Instruction Techniques to be used in a tourist based facility.
  • Fly Away Indoor Skydiving Japan-1990 Actively worked and trained instructors on daily operation and Bodyflight Instruction Procedures.
  • Fly Away Indoor Skydiving Las Vegas, NV- A cross-training opportunity to evaluate and assist the staff with any necessary Instruction related issues.
  • Fort Bragg (Matos Military)-Seized an opportunity to experience this wind tunnel as part of furthering my knowledge and development of future Bodyflight Facilities.
  • Free Flight Coleman, FL- 1994 Modified and maintained a 6 foot electric machine, used for Bodyflight Instruction in conjunction with the USPA Accelerated Free Fall Program.
  • Power Flyte, Lake Charles, LA- 1997 Transported and assisted in transferring ownership of "Dynasoar" Trained new essential staff and owners in operation, setup procedures and Bodyflight Instruction
  • Sky Venture of Florida- 1998 Facilitated in securing an instructor base, training essential staff and owners in operation and Bodyflight Instruction.  Designed Flight Suits in conjunction with Tony Suits specifically for this application and designed a program for day-to-day operations.
  • Wright Patterson A.F.B.-- An HONOR to fly in the first vertical wind tunnel used for Bodyflight! Received two opportunities to fly here.
  • Lifted Entertainment (formerly X-Treme Air) - Several opportunities to evaluate and enjoy another outdoor portable wind tunnel, and observe operations, as well as assist mechanically and with training. 
  • Jus' Fly - Consulted with the owner during construction and planning.  Post design assistance with every aspect of the operations including student training and physical modification assessment.
  • L-1 Vertical Wind Tunnel - Helped to bring this facility to reality. 2nd person to fly in it during testing phase, and proud to be key sales consultant to the corporation.

Key Public Relations Accomplishments

  • TV Commercials for The Power Flyte Skydive Simulator and The Swiss Aerodium
  • Live TV Spots for Aerodium in Switzerland
  • Commercial aired in Movie Theaters in Switzerland for Aerodium
  • Live TV Remote Local Sportscaster Participated in On Air Flight Sessions at Flagler Beach Florida
  • Trophy Freestyle Wind Tunnel Competition in Tampa, Florida
  • Trophy for X-Treme Air World VWT Competition
  • Movie "Willing To Fly" Norman Kent Productions
  • Movie Bodyflight UGC Productions
  • Training Videos Flyaway Indoor Skydiving, SkyVenture of Orlando
  • Featured in Several Newspapers Pigeon Forge, Orlando, Texas, Hawaii, New Jersey, Europe, Japan
  • Featured in past issues of Parachutist Magazine
  • Featured in countless Internet Web Sites dedicated to Bodyflight™ and Vertical Wind Tunnels
  • Accredited by Professor of BioFlight, Raymond Bright Chico University, California
  • Fortunate to have worked with and known Professor Harold C. Larson Inventor Aerodynamicist/Engineer/Scientist at Wright Patterson, AFB

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